St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is often called «The Nothern Venice». For many years it was the capital of the Russian Empire and one of the most progressive cities. Today St. Petersburg is probably the most beautiful and one of the most developed cities in Russia.With a packed cultural program and a large number of world heritage sites, as well as a developing tourist infrastructure, St. Petersburg has started to enter into the number of the world’s leading centers of culture and tourism.

Modern St. Petersburg is a perfect place for business and investment because:

  • it is the major trade gateway, financial and industrial centre of Russia;
  • it has three large cargo seaports: Bolshoi Port St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, and Lomonosov;
  • a complex system of riverports are interconnected with the system of seaports, thus making St. Petersburg the main link between the Baltic sea and the rest of Russia.

St. Petersburg is also a great place for travelling because there is over:

  • 221 museums;
  • 2000 libraries;
  • 114 theaters;
  • 100 concert halls;
  • 140 galleries;
  • 65 exhibition halls;
  • 66 cinemas;
  • 200 other cultural establishments.

Every year the city hosts around 100 festivals and various competitions of art and culture, including more than 50 international ones.

Congress Facilities

  • 107 congress and exhibition venues
  • 62 786 capacityress facilities Accommodation


  • 84 hotels
  • 17 718 rooms

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