Does your DMC offer travelling to the cities not listed on page “Destinations”?

Yes. On page “Destinations” only the most popular cities are listed. You may choose any Russian city for travelling or event organization and we will provide you with all the necessary services.  

How long does it take to get the Russian visa?

It depends on the country you are resident of. Average terms are 7-10 days. To get visa support, please, contact us by phone or email. You may also read all information about the Russian visa on page “Visa to Russia” on our website.

Do you offer tailor-made event management or you provide only standard programs?

DMC RESTEC EVENTS offers tailor-made solutions for event management: it means that we create individual program upon your request. We also provide you with some standard programs that show our experience and illustrates different variants and opportunities that can be used.  

How detailed should my RFPs be?

The quality of a reply is often in direct proportion to the quality of the brief. The more information our DMC has regarding your group's requirements the more detailed program we will be able to offer. It will take 2-5 minutes to in an RFP form online – you may do it right here on the website.

How long does your DMC normally take to come back once an enquiry has been sent?

Request for Proposals should be acknowledged within 24-hours through our office, if enquiries are made via our website contact links. Normally the proposals are sent to you within 72-hours unless we inform you beforehand of any delays.

Do you deal with flights and accommodation?

Yes, our DMC does. Please, contact us by post@meet-russia.com to get further details or make an order.