Russian Industry

Russia is the biggest country in the world with varied landscapes and vast reserves of natural resources. Its natural resource base allows producing almost any kind of products and ensures the successful industry development in the future.

Today Russian market is:

Key industries

  • natural resource and energy complex;
  • forestry complex;
  • metallurgy;
  • shipbuilding;
  • agriculture;
  • chemical and petrochemical complex;
  • defense industry;
  • aircraft industry;
  • space industry.

Major industrial centers

  1. Moscow. The industrial output is 1895.2 billion rubles
  2. St. Petersburg. The industrial output is 1282,7 billion rubles
  3. Surgut. The industrial output is 800,3 billion rubles
  4. Nizhnevartovsk. The industrial output is 481,6 billion rubles
  5. Omsk. The industrial output is 348,4 billion rubles
  6. Perm. The industrial output is 331,3 billion rubles
  7. Norilsk. The industrial output is 312 billion rubles
    (information is provided by Urbanika)

A total of 250 industrials centers with more than 10 billion rubles industrial output are located in Russia and this makes it one of the most prospective countries worldwide.


Business event industry in Russia

The exhibition and meeting industry in Russia is one of the most prospective and rapidly developing economic sectors:

Congress sector in Russia, size — RUB 14 bn (0.02% of GDP), including:

  • major federal general business congress eventsegment — RUB 2.8 bn;
  • major industrial RUEF-organized congressevents segment — RUB 1.4 bn;
  • industrial congress events segment — RUB 9.6 bn;
  • international associations congress eventssegment — RUB 250 m

Exhibition sector in Russia, size — RUB 28 bn (0.04% of GDP)

(information is provided by the R&C Market Research Company)

About a half of foreign visitors come for business purposes. The volume of international contacts linking Russia with foreign countries is constantly growing, owing to construction of comfortable and conveniently situated congress venues and hotels, development of the infrastructure.

Russia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has practically unlimited production facilities in all kinds of industries.

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