The popularity of Moscow among tourists is rapidly growing

According to the results of statistical analysis made by the TripAdvisor Moscow joined the world top 10 cities with the fastest growing tourist popularity. It ranked 9th.

Among European cities with the highest growth of tourist popularity Moscow took the second place after the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. St. Petersburg ranked 4th having lost to Turin the honorable “bronze”.

Top 10 cities in the world with the fastest growing popularity

1. Mar del Plata (Argentina)
2. Sao Paulo (Brazil)
3. Kiev (Ukraine)
4. Montevideo (Uruguay)
5. Perth (Australia)
6. Mexico City (Mexico)
7. Hobart (Australia)
8. Guadalajara (Mexico)
9. Moscow (Russia)
10. Turin (Italy).

Top 10 European cities with the fastest growing popularity

1. Kiev (Ukraine)
2. Moscow (Russia)
3. Turin (Italy)
4. St. Petersburg (Russia)
5. Naples (Italy)
6. Glasgow (Scotland)
7. Manchester (England)
8. Belfast (Northern Ireland)
9. Valencia (Spain)
10. Liverpool (England)