Eco Activities

Eco Activities

Russia’s natural landscape has huge potential as an eco incentive destination.

  • short ecotrips for visitors who are focused on the urban delights
  • longer tours of up to a week for those who would like to explore the Russian wildlife and nature

Yenisey Meridian

  • eco incentive route that winds its way through a network of parks and reserves in Central Siberia
  • includes the Yenisey river valley, crossing the Tamir tundra and concluding in the Tuva desert
  • doing the entire Meridian takes about four weeks, although a fit party in a hurry could probably reduce it to three

“Green circle”

  • includes seven conserved natural territories – three preserves – Oksky, Prioksko-terace, Central-forest and four national parks – Ugra, Meschera, Plescheevo lake and Smolensk Poozerje
  • traveling around “Green circle” of Moscow does not require special physical training and special outfit

The state national park of Sochi

  • one of the first parks in Russia: area of 191,000 hectares
  • here grow 165 species of wild arboreal plants
  • animal world of the national park is presented by more than 70 species of mammals

RESTEC EVENTS recommends:

  • get corporate inspiration from a weekend eco-program when one can go fishing, swimming, berry picking or just enjoy forests’ calmness and silence
  • activate corporate spirit in an Explorer’s Expeditions designed to open the participants boundless and inhabitable places in Russia
  • team building during extreme eco trips in the mountains and safari in national parks
  • plein air conference on the shores of the deepest lake in the world - Baikal