Sport events

Russia was always one of the main sports countries, where every adult or child enjoys competitions and games. There is a modern and developed infrastructure that allows carrying out activities in all sports and organizing great sports festivals.

Sport events management

DMC MEET RUSSIA provides the sport events management:

  • selection of the best sport venues or arenas;
  • full technical and logistical support;
  • PR and marketing support;
  • cooperation with government and sport associations;
  • contracting with vendors and suppliers.

We are professionals with more than 20 years of experience that are able to organize any kind of sport events for different number of people in any Russian city.

Participants support

Professional competitions are very important events for all the participants. It concerns not just sportsmen, but also team assistants, organizers, sponsors and fans. MEET RUSSIA provides services of the best quality for all the sport events participants.

Team support

  • providing of trainings in sport facilities;
  • organization of special diet catering for sportsmen;
  • total security arrangements;
  • providing of all the necessary equipment;
  • organization of cultural and entertainment travel programs.

Sponsors and organizers support

  • total coordination and interaction between event organizers, sponsors and government;
  • technical inspection of sport venues;
  • VIP delegates management;
  • organization of the gala events and celebrations;
  • Fans support;
  • ticketing and accreditation for all the sport events (including VIP services);
  • meeting with sportsmen;
  • tailor made sports and tourist programs.

Travel services

For every participant of the sport events we offer all kind of high class travel services:

  • plane and train tickets;
  • accommodation;
  • transfers;
  • transport services.

DMC MEET RUSSIA – a pro sport events organizer

We are extra class professionals with more than 20 years of varied experience and with a lot of successfully organized events in our portfolio.

We were the official operator of:

  • Russian Swimming Championship «Merry Dolphin» (2015)
  • Diving World Series (2011)
  • Russian Swimming Championships (2010)
  • St. Petersburg Open Winter Motocross Championship (2010)
  • All-Russian Equestrian Games (2010)

We have a large network of partners and great facilities to organize any sport event with the best quality.

Discover Russia with us!