First World Cup swimming (FINA) in 2017

The first World Cup swimming in 2017 was held on 02-03 of August in Moscow in the UK pool «Olympic»», which opened a series of competitions of the prestigious international tournament of swimmers competing in a 25-meter pool.

Moscow fans had a unique opportunity to see recent victors of the 17th FINA Cup FINA World, who arrived in the Russian capital to participate in the opening stage of the World Cup from the end of the world championship.

This year tournament was held in a new format, that included carrying nine stages, divided into three clusters, each of which includes three stages. Stages of the first cluster was held in Moscow (2-3 August), Berlin (6-7 August) and Eindhoven (Aug. 11-12), the second - in Doha (22-23 September), Dubai (26-27 September) and Hong Kong ( 25-26 September), Tokyo (Oct. 28-29), and the third - in Beijing (29-30 September) and Singapore (October 3-4).

The program of each stage of the competition included competitions in the 24/25 distances (including the relay), while at each stage of an athlete can be raised by no more than 4 distances.

Under the new rules of the competition invited by the organizers of each of the stages of the world's swimming stars - medalists of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the FINA World Championships in swimming in 2016 in Windsor, will have direct access to the finals at the distance at which they won a medal in the above competitions. These athletes will also have to become members of a special program, which will promote the tournament and promote swimming among broad segments of the population receiving this stage.

In this year also increased the total prize fund of the World Cup - more than 2 million US dollars.

MEET RUSSIA project has provided the following services within the framework of the event:

  • Organization and holding the announcing press-conference with the participation of Representatives of Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) , All-Russian Swimming Federation, Moscow Department of Sports and Tourism, Head coach of the Russian national swimming team, winners of the Olympic Games and world championships;
  • Media support: copywriting the press-releases and news;
  • Flash-interview.

Customer: «Direction of sports and entertainment events » of the Moscow Department of Sport and Tourism.


Photo by m24.ru/ Lidia Shironina