Winter Activities

Winter Activities

Russia is often associated with a country covered in snow from east to west, from south to north.

Why not experience a diverse range of cold weather activities by yourself?

Lake Baikal

  • the heart of Siberia
  • the deepest lake in the world
  • covers 7.8 mln acres

The transparent ice imparts a different beauty to the scenery and ice-skating, ice-fishing and dog-sledding are possible. In March winter activities are still available and are complemented by some sunshine.

Siberia and Far East

  • the pine forests of Eastern Russia are home to the biggest of all the big cats, the Siberian (or Amur) Tiger
  • these areas also facilitate responsible wildlife tourism and welcome visitors seeking a glimpse of the elusive creatures


  • the most unique peninsula in Russia
  • geysers well out of the ground near the volcanoes, visitors are welcome to experience hot bath in these geysers
  • rare expeditions as driving with the help of dogs’ teams around the volcanos

RESTEC EVENTS recommends:

  • gain corporate spirit while skiing and ice fishing on Baikal, Sakhalin and Kuril Islands
  • try extreme team building in Yakutia, the place known as “Pole of Cold” with -128.5 F (-89.2 C)
  • take part in corporate competitions in reindeer or dog sledding