Cultural Activities

Russia is a country of richest history and culture. The most different religious and cultural traditions of numerous nationalities living there have coexisted from time immemorial.

The architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin, palaces of St. Petersburg, and ancient cities of the Golden Ring, territory of ancient Tauride, ruins of Chersonesos of Crimea are known all over the world.


Moscow can be an overwhelming experience for visitors - there is just so much
to see in this vast and vibrant city.

  • over 5,500 restaurants, over 600 museums, historic estates, and art galleries, over 350 sports arenas, stadiums, swimming pools, and skating rinks, over 500 hotels, over 100 theatres and concert halls, and over 100 gardens and parks;
  • around 300 international exhibitions and fairs are held each year.

Moscow is where Russia begins!

MEET RUSSIA recommends:

  • corporate game «Day Watch» that aims at finding historical and remarkable places in Moscow;
  • incentive program «Barge-haulers on the Volga River» that plunges the participants in the atmosphere of local customs;
  • fishing on the shores of the Volga river.


  • 221 museums, 2000 libraries, 114 theaters, 100 concert organizations, more than 140 galleries, 65 exhibition halls, 66 cinemas, and around 200 other cultural establishments;
  • every year the city hosts around 100 festivals and various competitions of art and culture, including more than 50 international ones;
  • the environs of St. Petersburg - you will never get tired of feasting your eyes upon the palaces and parks of Tsarskoe Selo, fountains of Peterhof, or alleys of Pavlovsk.

MEET RUSSIA recommends:

  • corporate programs and conferences on board of comfortable motor ships that will take you to the Neva water area;
  • team building programs on the shores of Ladoga and Onega Lakes;
  • voyage to the Valaam and Kizhi Islands;
  • ball-masquerade in the gala halls and parks of magnificent palaces in the city and its environs;
  • meetings with local color in one of the villages near the city.